Science of Hitting (Unabridged) - Ted Williams & John Underwood

Science of Hitting (Unabridged)

By Ted Williams & John Underwood

  • Release Date: 2020-03-31
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors

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Science of Hitting (Unabridged) Ted Williams & John Underwood

Summary : Science of Hitting (Unabridged)


Ted Williams was arguably the greatest pure hitter who ever lived. A lifelong student of hitting, he sought advice from every great hitter—and pitcher—he met. Drawing on that advice, as well as his own legendary life in baseball, Williams produced the all-time batting classic, The Science of Hitting. Using its detailed and concise coaching players of all skill levels will learn how to improve their fundamentals and gain keen insights into the finer points of hitting, including:
-How to Think Like a Pitcher and Guess the Pitch
-The Three Cardinal Rules for Developing a Smooth Line-Driving Swing
-The Secrets of Hip and Wrist Action
-Pitch Selection
-Hitting the Opposite Way

The Science of Hitting is a must-have for all baseball players looking to improve their turn at bat and for all coaches and parents teaching the sport.

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