The Scarlet Letter (Abridged) - Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter (Abridged)

By Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • Release Date: 2012-06-28
  • Genre: Fiction

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The Scarlet Letter (Abridged) Nathaniel Hawthorne

Summary : The Scarlet Letter (Abridged)

Penguin Classics presents Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, adapted for audio and available as a digital download as part of the Penguin English Library series. Read by the actor Bob Sessions.

'Shame, Despair, Solitude! These had been her teachers, - stern and wild ones, - and they had made her strong, but taught her much amiss'

Fiercely romantic and hugely influential, The Scarlet Letter is the tale of Hester Prynne, imprisoned, publicly shamed, and forced to wear a scarlet 'A' for committing adultery and bearing an illegitimate child, Pearl. In their small, Puritan village, Hester and her daughter struggle to survive, but in this searing study of the tension between private and public existence, Hester Prynne's inner strength and quiet dignity means she has frequently been seen as one of the first great heroines of American fiction.

Part of a series of vintage recordings taken from the Penguin Archives. Affordable, collectable, quality productions - perfect for on-the-go listening.

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