Beyond: Our Future in Space (Unabridged) - Chris Impey

Beyond: Our Future in Space (Unabridged)

By Chris Impey

  • Release Date: 2015-05-26
  • Genre: Technology
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Beyond: Our Future in Space (Unabridged) Chris Impey

Summary : Beyond: Our Future in Space (Unabridged)

Beyond dares to imagine a fantastic future for humans in space - and then reminds us that we're already there. Human exploration has been an unceasing engine of technological progress, from the first homo sapiens to leave our African cradle to a future in which mankind promises to settle another world. Beyond tells the epic story of humanity leaving home - and how humans will soon thrive in the vast universe beyond the Earth.

A dazzling and propulsive voyage through space and time, Beyond reveals how centuries of space explorers - from the earliest stargazers to today's cutting-edge researchers - all draw inspiration from an innate human emotion: wanderlust. This urge to explore led us to multiply around the globe, and it can be traced in our DNA.

Today, the urge to discover manifests itself in jaw-dropping ways: plans for space elevators poised to replace rockets at a fraction of the cost; experiments in suspending and reanimating life for ultra-long-distance travel; prototypes for solar sails that coast through space on the momentum of microwaves released from the Earth. With these ventures, private companies and entrepreneurs have the potential to outpace NASA as the leaders in a new space race.

Combining expert knowledge of astronomy and avant-garde technology, Chris Impey guides us through the heady possibilities for the next century of exploration. In 20 years, a vibrant commercial space industry will be operating. In 30 years, there will be small but viable colonies on the Moon and Mars. In 50 years, mining technology will have advanced enough to harvest resources from asteroids. In a hundred years, a cohort of humans born off-Earth will come of age without ever visiting humanity's home planet. This is not the stuff of science fiction but rather the logical extension of already available technologies.

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