America's Secret Hauntings (Unabridged) - Sarah Ashley

America's Secret Hauntings (Unabridged)

By Sarah Ashley

  • Release Date: 2013-11-22
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
  • © 2013 D & D Publishing

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America's Secret Hauntings (Unabridged) Sarah Ashley

Summary : America's Secret Hauntings (Unabridged)

Do you think you have heard about the most haunted places in America?

Over the past five years, the interest in the paranormal has decidedly come to the forefront. People flock to locations who wish to have experiences of their own and delve into the exciting, quizzical and frightening world of those who have passed on.

When speaking about haunted places there are more than a few that are surely recognizable to most people. However, for the avid ghost teller or hunter these long told tales have almost lost their ebullience and the romance is long gone.

Discovering new haunts are like diamonds in the rough. Unchartered ghost stories and research are the crème de la crème for anyone who devours such tales.

In this audiobook, author and ghost hunter Sarah Ashley will take you on a new adventure of mysterious happenings, strange sights, horrific details of torture and torment and share with you some truly startling evidence from some of the most haunted, yet less glamorized locations across the United States.

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