Studio 360: Philip Glass & Strippers - Kurt Andersen

Studio 360: Philip Glass & Strippers

By Kurt Andersen

  • Release Date: 2012-09-15
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
  • © 2012 WNYC New York and Public Radio International

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Studio 360: Philip Glass & Strippers Kurt Andersen

Summary : Studio 360: Philip Glass & Strippers

New York State’s highest court is mulling an answer to a question that has long plagued intellectuals: What separates art from mere entertainment? And in this particular case, what separates pole dance from dance? There’s $400,000 at stake in Nite Moves v. The State of New York Tax Appeals Tribunal.

Next, in 1976, Philip Glass was an unknown composer - almost pushing 40, and driving a taxi to make ends meet - when he got his break: a new work performed at New York’s echt-prestigious Metropolitan Opera House. Einstein on the Beach was directed by Robert Wilson, a key figure....

Then, DJ/rupture says a good remix has to disrespect the original song, breaking it down to build it back up into something surprising; he doesn’t want to hear the original with little embellishments or a new beat. He provided the raw materials for our Remix Challenge: six tracks from "L'Avion".

And finally, Susanna Moore remains best known for her 1995 erotic thriller In the Cut, about a writing teacher who descends into a seedy world of murder and sexual violence. Her latest novel, The Life of Objects, is told from the point of view of an Irish girl, Beatrice. [Broadcast Date: September 15, 2012]

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