It's Hard - Les Brown

It's Hard

By Les Brown

  • Release Date: 2011-12-23
  • Genre: Arts & Entertainment
  • © 2011 Intellect Inspire

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It's Hard Les Brown

Summary : It's Hard

In this program, Les Brown takes your attention to another level. You look your challenge straight in the eye and recognize that life didn’t blink. When you take on the goals and dreams that put your signature on the place that you have occupied, it requires the best of you. You can’t go around choosing dreams based on how much stress and strain they will or will not cause. You have to go up in the face of that dream which is your dream and come to grips with the fact that “It’s Hard!” Let’s just recognize that “it’s hard” and make it OK with us. When it’s hard, we’ll just have to do it hard.

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