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Forbes, October 10, 2011

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  • Release Date: 2011-10-10
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Forbes, October 10, 2011 Forbes

Summary : Forbes, October 10, 2011

Welcome to Forbes for October 10th, 2011 from Audible. This edition contains seven feature articles.

In the cover story: "Reckless Billionaire" - Wildcatter, Risk Addict Aubrey McClendon Has Bet It All On Shale.

We'll also tell you about, "Entrepreneurs Versus Lawyers" - Venture capitalists are throwing tens of millions at startups, trying to automate basic legal services. Can John Suh's LegalZoom do to lawyers what Craigslist did to newspapers?

Next, "Invading North Korea" - What's a Yankee doing trying to bring America's most iconic consumer brand to the world's most repressive communist regime?

Then, "Europe's Economic Crisis Is Not a Euro Crisis" - What should be a simple debt-workout matter is in danger of spinning into a genuine catastrophe.

Also, "Needed: Butt Kicker" - Mary Barra, the most important woman in the auto industry, is trying to get General Motors' lumbering bureaucracy to move quicker and smarter. Tough job for anyone, especially a 26-year insider.

Followed by, "To Shame a Thief" - Mobile tracking can stop gadget and data losses. This power in the wrong hands can lead to some costly embarrassments.

And in our final story, "Call to ARMs" - Forget the subprime mess. These days adjustable rate mortgages are a good deal for certain well-off homeowners looking to refinance.

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