The Gray Man (Unabridged) - Mark Greaney

The Gray Man (Unabridged)

By Mark Greaney

  • Release Date: 2010-08-30
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
  • © 2010 Audible Studios

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The Gray Man (Unabridged) Mark Greaney

Summary : The Gray Man (Unabridged)

Now a Netflix film starring Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas

The first Gray Man novel from number one New York Times best-selling author Mark Greaney.  

To those who lurk in the shadows, he’s known as the Gray Man. He is a legend in the covert realm, moving silently from job to job, accomplishing the impossible and then fading away. And he always hits his target. Always.  

But there are forces more lethal than Gentry in the world. Forces like money. And power. And there are men who hold these as the only currency worth fighting for. In their eyes, Gentry has just outlived his usefulness.   

But Court Gentry is going to prove that, for him, there’s no gray area between killing for a living and killing to stay alive....  

Get ready for white-knuckled listening. Greaney's debut novel introduces the enigmatic and elusive Court Gentry, a former CIA operative and a legendary hired gun. With a terrifying ability to vaporize targets and a strict moral code, he stalks the gray margins of the world, moving silently from job to job, accomplishing the impossible, then fading away. When his government and former employers turn on him, there is no safehouse to run to, no way to lie low. In a constant state of escape and pursuit, Gentry tears through the Middle East and Europe in a riveting life-or-death race against time. 

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