The Soul and Relationship (Unabridged) - Shakti Gawain

The Soul and Relationship (Unabridged)

By Shakti Gawain

  • Release Date: 2002-01-01
  • Genre: Speakers & Storytellers
  • © 2002 Hay House

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The Soul and Relationship (Unabridged) Shakti Gawain

Summary : The Soul and Relationship (Unabridged)

Relationships can be meaningful, difficult, challenging, exciting, rewarding, and devastating. But have you ever thought of relationships as a mirror into your soul? In this illuminating conversation, Deepak Chopra and internationally renowned author Shakti Gawain come from two unique perspectives to explore relationships and what they tell us about ourselves.
Chopra uses Vedanta's ancient wisdom to define the soul and relationship, while Gawain's insights stem from her expertise in personal growth and consciousness. No topic is left untouched as these great minds explore everything from the origin of the soul to the "shadow self", from multiple personalities to life after death. Relationships don't just happen; they come to you for a reason, and what they offer can bring you new understandings about yourself and others.

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