Household Spanish (Unabridged) - William C. Harvey

Household Spanish (Unabridged)

By William C. Harvey

  • Release Date: 2009-06-24
  • Genre: Languages
  • © 2009 Barron's Educational Series, Inc.

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Household Spanish (Unabridged) William C. Harvey

Summary : Household Spanish (Unabridged)

This updated language-learning audiobook presents an informal, user-friendly Spanish course for non-Spanish speakers who need to learn fundamental words and expressions in Spanish in order to communicate with Latino employees in the household or workplace.
This new edition keeps up with current social trends, taking into account the increasing frequency in which Anglos and Spanish-speakers converse, not only as employers and employees, but also as co-workers.

Rather than emphasize dry rules of grammar, author William Harvey teaches informal, idiomatic conversational Spanish. Passages in the book recreate typical scenes in households or the workplace, with appropriate dialogue passages.

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