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Easy English Vocabulary (Unabridged)

By Living Language

  • Release Date: 2008-09-15
  • Genre: Languages
  • © 2008 Living Language

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Easy English Vocabulary (Unabridged) Living Language

Summary : Easy English Vocabulary (Unabridged)

Brand new audio-only ESL program
A good vocabulary is critical for communication, and this program teaches students the most important words they need to get by in English. This two-hour recording is perfect for learning on the go, and for studying vocabulary while commuting, running errands, or at the gym.

Key Features:
11 lessons on two CDs and three bonus lessons online
Themes include Computers and the Internet, Shopping and Money, and Law and Government
Each lesson includes words, definitions, and a dialogue
Online glossary with all of the words and definitions from the audio

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