Candide (Unabridged) - Voltaire

Candide (Unabridged)

By Voltaire

  • Release Date: 2008-01-29
  • Genre: Classics
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Candide (Unabridged) Voltaire

Summary : Candide (Unabridged)

Candide and his tutor, Pangloss, travel the globe trying to follow the philosophy "All is for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds". However, they are stung and let down at every turn, being robbed, tortured, and ridiculed, amongst other trials.
On hearing about their often disastrous travels, a listener feels unfortunately less than empathetic, and can't help laughing out loud at this very funny account of the trail our optimistic travellers take, and at their eternal and endearing joy at the world and its potential discoveries.

Read beautifully by Andrew Sachs.

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