Infernal Revenue [Dramatized Adaptation](Destroyer) - Warren Murphy

Infernal Revenue [Dramatized Adaptation](Destroyer)

By Warren Murphy

  • Release Date: 2020-06-03
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
  • © 2006 Graphic Audio, LLC

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Infernal Revenue [Dramatized Adaptation] Warren Murphy

Summary : Infernal Revenue [Dramatized Adaptation](Destroyer)

When a smooth-talking artificial-intelligence computer chip known as Friend covertly hijacks the new computer system at CURE, Harold Smith and his supersecret crime-fighting organization log on to turbo trouble.
Friend's fiendish strategy screws up the data base so efficiently that both Remo and Chiun quit -- bad timing now that Friend has released a stealth virus that will attack systems everywhere, holding the world hostage to technoterrorism.
With CURE's intelligence network rendered useless and the IRS at his door, Smith's only option looks like a suicide pill. But Friend overplays his hand and now a reluctant Remo and determined Chiun are back on the payroll -- powered up to foil the greatest threat CURE has ever faced.

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