Hotel Portofino - JP O'Connell

Hotel Portofino

By JP O'Connell

  • Release Date: 2022-01-18
  • Genre: Fiction
  • © 2022 Blackstone Audio

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Hotel Portofino JP O'Connell

Summary : Hotel Portofino

A heady historical drama about a British family who open an upper-class hotel on the magical Italian Riviera during the Roaring Twenties

Hotel Portofino has only been open a few weeks, but already the problems are mounting for its coproprietor Bella Ainsworth. She is short of staff and ready money. Her high-class guests are demanding and hard to please. And she is being targeted by a scheming and corrupt local politician, who threatens to drag her into the red-hot political cauldron of Mussolini’s Italy.

The hotel demands all of Bella’s resources, energy, and focus, but she has her own family to worry about too, who are struggling in the traumatic aftermath of World War I, and Bella soon finds that she is being pulled in far too many directions.

Set in a breathtakingly beautiful Italian village, Hotel Portofino is a story of personal awakening at a time of global upheaval and of the liberating influence of Italy’s enchanting culture, climate, and cuisine on British “innocents abroad,” perfect for fans of Downton Abbey and The Crown.

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