A Matter of Circumstance - Heather Graham

A Matter of Circumstance

By Heather Graham

  • Release Date: 2020-12-01
  • Genre: Romance

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A Matter of Circumstance Heather Graham

Summary : A Matter of Circumstance


After an easy day studying coral in the Bahamian ocean, Amanda Blayne returns to shore looking forward to a cool drink and a lazy afternoon. But the tranquil waters turn dark and treacherous when Amanda is ruthlessly abducted in broad daylight. With her captors demanding a ransom that no one can pay, Amanda’s hope dims and she begins to panic.

Sean Ramiro, an undercover cop from Miami, is tasked to covertly observe the safe arrival of the senator. Instead, he witnesses Amanda’s abduction and immediately throws himself into danger, pretending to be Amanda’s lover to try to protect her. The two are playing a perilous game but find it’s easy to play along when irresitible tension builds between them…

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