South - Ernest Shackleton


By Ernest Shackleton

  • Release Date: 2019-10-28
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure
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South Ernest Shackleton

Summary : South

On 8 August 1914, five days after the outbreak of World War One, the Endurance, a wooden-hulled, coal-fired icebreaker, set sail for the South Pole, in a bid to complete the first-ever trans-Antarctic expedition, which would cross the continent from the Weddell Sea to Scott's base at Cape Evans, via the Pole. However, despite the best planning, the ship succumbs to the ice floes of the Weddell Sea, and is subjected to months of uncontrollable drifting before its crew makes a scramble for Elephant Island, where they battle constant cold and starvation. Faced with the most fearsome terrain and extreme conditions, it is up to Ernest Shackleton, commander of the Endurance, to lead his men back to safety and save them from the horrors of the ice.

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