Love and   Respect - Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Love and Respect

By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

  • Release Date: 2015-11-10
  • Genre: Nonfiction

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Love and Respect Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Summary : Love and Respect

Come discover one of the greatest secrets to a successful relationship! Love & Respect is A New York Times?best-selling marriage book making a difference with over two million copies sold! Help you and your spouse achieve a deeper level of intimacy by stopping the crazy cycle of conflict, developing better communication skills, and enjoying renewed passion.

Cracking the communication code between husband and wife involves understanding one thing: that unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. It's the secret to marriage that every couple seeks, and yet few couples ever find. While both men and women deserve both love and respect, in the midst of conflict the driving need for a woman is love and the driving need for a man is respect. When either of these needs isn’t met, things get crazy. 

Based on over three decades of counseling, as well as scientific and biblical research, Love and Respect is for anyone: those in marital crisis, the happily married, engaged couples, pastors and counselors, and small groups. This dynamic and life-changing message is impacting the world, resulting in the healing and restoration of countless relationships.

In Love & Respect couples can find:
How to break down the communication code between spousesHow to handle conflict in a relationshipHow to build respect for one anotherHow to foster a deep love for one anotherHow to rekindle passion for one another
Taking God’s biblical practice of marriage and applying it with practical techniques, Emerson Eggerichs shows how mutual Love and Respect can balance a marriage and encourage a successful relationship.

Pair Love & Respect?with the Love & Respect Workbook for Couples, Individuals, and Groups for an added experience and to dig deeper into your relationship and foster understanding with your partner. Love & Respect?is also available in Spanish, Amor y Respeto.

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