High-Opp - Frank Herbert


By Frank Herbert

  • Release Date: 2015-05-26
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • © 2015 Blackstone Audio

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Title Writer
High-Opp Frank Herbert

Summary : High-Opp

Published posthumously, this dystopian novel was written between Frank Herbert’s classics The Dragon in the Sea and Dune.

EMASI! Each Man A Separate Individual! That is the rallying cry of the Seps, the resistance force engaged in a class war against the upper tiers of a society driven entirely by opinion polls. Those who score high, the High-Opps, are given plush apartments, comfortable jobs, every possible convenience. But those who happen to be low-opped live crowded in warrens, facing harsh lives and brutal conditions.

Daniel Movius, ex–senior liaitor, rides high in the opinion polls—until he loses everything, brushed aside by a very powerful man. Low-opped and abandoned, Movius finds himself fighting for survival in the city’s underworld. There, the opinion of the masses is clear: it is time for a revolution against the corrupt superprivileged—and every revolution needs a leader.

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