Lake Wobegon Days - Garrison Keillor

Lake Wobegon Days

By Garrison Keillor

  • Release Date: 1986-11-15
  • Genre: Comedy
  • © 1986 HighBridge Audio

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Lake Wobegon Days Garrison Keillor

Summary : Lake Wobegon Days

Garrison Keillor is the consummate storyteller, gifted with the rare ability—both in print and in performance—to hold an audience spellbound with his tales of ordinary people whose lives contain extraordinary moments of humor, tenderness, and grace. Lake Wobegon Days is an affectionately humorous tribute to the small sleepy Minnesotan town of Lake Wobegon, notable for the statue to the Unknown Norwegian, the duck-hunting Sons of Knute, the sleepwalking Lundbergs, the unbelievable cuisine of the Chatterbox Cafe and much more.

A Grammy® Award winner, this recording includes both studio and live performances.

Table of Contents Prologue; Home; Forbears; Sumus Quod SumusProtestant; Summer; SchoolFall; WinterFootnote (95 Theses 95); Spring; Revival

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