Walden (Unabridged) - Henry David Thoreau

Walden (Unabridged)

By Henry David Thoreau

  • Release Date: 2018-01-22
  • Genre: Classics
  • © 2018 Bassett Publishing

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Walden (Unabridged) Henry David Thoreau

Summary : Walden (Unabridged)

A must-listen for all Thoreau aficionados, Walden explores the simpler and slower pace of life. A deep exploration into Henry David Thoreau's philosophical and spiritual understandings, Walden captivates with its intrapersonal reflection.

Thoreau documents his escape from reality to a simple cabin on Walden Pond in rural Massachusetts. "Could he survive, possibly even thrive...living a plain, simple life," Thoreau ponders, and he finds his answer in his semi-anti-social experiment at Walden Pond. A true thought-rebellion of his time, Thoreau presents an argument for striping away the excess and living with the bare necessities.

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