Cybersecurity for Beginners (Unabridged) - Raef Meeuwisse

Cybersecurity for Beginners (Unabridged)

By Raef Meeuwisse

  • Release Date: 2017-09-21
  • Genre: Science & Nature
  • © 2017 Cyber Simplicity Ltd

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Cybersecurity for Beginners (Unabridged) Raef Meeuwisse

Summary : Cybersecurity for Beginners (Unabridged)

This book provides an easy insight into the essentials of cybersecurity, even if you have a non-technical background. You may be a business person keen to understand this important subject area or an information security specialist looking to update your knowledge.

Companies that can use technology wisely and well are booming, companies that make bad or no technology choices collapse and disappear. The cloud, smart devices and the ability to connect almost any object to the internet are an essential landscape to use but are also fraught with new risks and dangers of a magnitude never seen before. Also featuring an alphabetical section at the back of the book to help you translate many of the main cybersecurity technical terms into plain, non-technical English.

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